Video: Lt. Brian Murphy Takes Nine Bullets While Stopping Sikh Temple Gunman Wade Michael Page

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In Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Lt. Brian Murphy was shot nine times by gunman Wade Michael Page, before Lt. Murphy and another police officer killed Page (video below).

Even though he was wounded, Lt. Murphy told police officers to help other victims first, reports the Daily Mail.

Murphy is currently recovering in a hospital, resting in critical condition after undergoing surgery.

Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said on Monday: "Murphy came upon a victim in the parking lot and exited his vehicle, and went to assist that individual."

"It was at that point he was met by the suspect, who basically ambushed him.  He was shot eight to nine times in very close range with a handgun. He was in very close proximity to the shooter."

"He waved [other people] off, He told them to get to temple and assist in there. One of the officers returned fire with a rife, putting the individual down."

Page allegedly walked into the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin on Sunday and opened fire with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol. Page killed six people and wounded three, including L.t. Murphy, who was first on the scene.

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