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Video: Lorraine Cuevas Sentenced to 180 Days in Jail for Her Kids' Truancy

Lorraine Cuevas was sentenced to 180 days after her two children missed more than 10 percent of last year's school year at Monroe Elementary School in Hanford, California (video below).

Monroe Elementary School school officials said her second and third grader missed 116 days of school combined, reports the Daily Mail.

The school board said Cuevas had plenty of warning with phone calls and letters sent to her home.

Superintendent Tim Bowers of Kings County Schools told KMPH-TV: "It's a process that takes months to get to this point. On average we're making 15-20 calls in dealing with these issues."

Cuevas is one of the first parents to be convicted under California's truancy law and the second to be jailed in the county this year. Since her arrest two months ago, Cuevas has served about a quarter of her sentence, which includes a $2,000 fine.


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