Video: Lola's Burrito Joint Accused of Using Racist Names for Food

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In Riverside, Florida, near Jacksonville, Lola's Burrito Joint has caused controversy with its new menu items: 'Wetback Willie,' 'Shrimp No Papers' and 'The Dirty Sanchez' (video below).

Co-owner Carlos Rameriz says it was never their intention to offend people or to do anything racist when the restaurant opened two months ago. He has changed the name of the Wetback Willie to 'Wet Willie.'

Co-owner Robert Kapuschanski told the First Coast News that the 'Wetback Willie" got its name from a friend and employee: "He said 'name it the Wetback Willie after me,' and some people took offense. Somebody said something, we immediately answered, we immediately changed, and it's the right thing to do as a human being."

Ramirez says the food was not named with racist intent, but is not changing the names of the other two dishes: "The business has been wonderful and we are extremely grateful to everyone in the community."


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