Video: Lifeguards Parody 'Gangnam Style' and Get Fired

A group of young lifeguards in El Monte, CA, recently created a video (below) featuring themselves rubbing sunscreen on each other's bodies, performing synchronized swimming and moving their hips suggestively.

The video 'Lifeguard Style' is a parody of is a spoof of 'Gangnam Style' by singer PSY (Park Jae Sung), which was released in July.

As a result, the 14 lifeguards were reportedly fired for using city property, the pool and lifeguard uniforms.

A lifeguard named 'Juliet' told KTLA-TV: "The video was made just to have fun memories before we go back to college. We didn't think it would offend anyone."

Lifeguard Michael Road added: "To be blunt, this was my only job and my only source of income in terms of paying for books and contributing to my schooling. So as of right now I guess I'll be back on the job hunt, and I don't even know if I'm going to get any good recommendations now with this going on."

Lifeguard Alexander Huerta said: "We just felt it was really unfair and not really grounds for termination."

The fired lifeguards started a Facebook page and a petition on Change.org to get their jobs back.


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