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Video: 'Liberal Professor' Kieran Healy Turns Himself into Conservative Group for $100 Reward

An organization called 'Campus Reform' has reportedly put up $100 rewards for videos of 'liberal professors,' reports

According to its founder, Morton Blackwell, the purpose of Campus Reform to expose liberal bias in universities and encourage students is to report liberal professors.

Blackwell told the American Spectator: "I have had a long-term awareness of how the campuses have become left-wing indoctrination centers, and many, many students can go their entire college educations and never see any representations of conservative principles on their campuses.”

In response to the $100 bounty offered by Blackwell, self-proclaimed 'liberal professor' Kieran Healy submitted a video (below) of himself silently reading a Karl Marx book, as he is surrounded by more books of Marx, in order to win the $100 [which sounds like something a capitalist would do].


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