Video: Lesbian Teens Hope Decker and Tiffany Wright Banned From Prom

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In Lexington, Kentucky, 18-year-old Hope Decker (pictured left) and her girlfriend Tiffany Wright were not allowed to enter Lexington Catholic High School for their high school school prom (video below).

Decker told LEX18-TV: “What I did experience in the dean’s office was blatant homophobia. We were told this school had Catholic principles and so they we couldn’t let it happen.”

Wright added: “Well first, I was really upset. I mean, we both cried. I was like, this was ridiculous, there’s got to be something we’ve got to do about this. I just think it’s ridiculous that a school that fosters love and equality is doing something like this to its own students.”

Decker and Wright decided to dress up and hold their own prom with their friends, outside the school.

The Lexington Catholic High School has yet to comment on the incident, but says that it follows the principles of the Catholic church.


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