Video: Lashonn White, Deaf Victim, Tased and Jailed by Police


In Tacoma, Washington, Lashonn White, who is deaf, claims that police tased and jailed her for sixty hours without an interpreter (video below).

White called 911, on April 6, when she was being assaulted by a guest. White told KIRO-TV: “I said, ‘Please hurry! There’s a person here beating me up."

Police Officers Ryan Koskovich and Michael Young arrived at the apartment, knowing that White was deaf, according to police reports.

The 911 operator told White to go outside the apartment, but when she ran towards Officer Koskovich, he pulled his taser and fired at her.

White told KIRO-TV: “All I’m doing is waving my hands in the air, and the next thing I know, I’m on the ground and then handcuffed. It was almost like I blacked out. I was so dizzy and disoriented."

“The next thing I know, they took me to jail. Told me to stand up, you’re going to jail. I said, ‘What? What have I done?’ I couldn’t figure it out. I had no idea what was going on.”

Apartment building resident Margaret Sims told KIRO-TV: “They had Ttsed her because he thought she was coming at him, but what she was doing was running to him. But he said, ‘stop’ and he didn’t put his hand up. He just said, ‘stop’ and she couldn’t understand that.”

White was arrested for assault and obstruction of a public servant. She was held for  60 hours in jail, without an interpreter, in violation of Washington State law.

The city prosecutor has requested the charges against White be dropped, but there may be a lawsuit coming for civil rights violations.


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