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Video: LAPD Police Officer May Face Charges For Body Slamming Nurse Michelle Jordan

An unidentified Los Angeles police officer caught on a Del Taco restaurant surveillance video (below) body slamming a handcuffed nurse, Michelle Jordan, will probably face criminal charges, former LAPD deputy commissioner John Miller said Thursday on CBS 'This Morning' (video below).

Miller said: “In a case like this, sometimes you see flashes of police officers who have a problem and show who they really are."

During a traffic stop last week, Jordan was pulled over for driving while allegedly talking on a cell phone.

After being pulled over in a Del Taco parking lot, Jordan got out of her car and began to curse at the police.

In response, one of the police officers struggled with Jordan, threw her to the pavement and handcuffed her.

However, moments later, the same officer body slammed Jordan onto the ground, face first.

The two police officers, now on suspension, put her in the back of their police car and exchanged a fist-bump.


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