Video: LAPD Officers' Military-Style 'Boot Camp' Bullies Kids, Under Investigation

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LAPD police officers Ismael Gonzalez and Alex Nava are under investigation for their military-style 'boot camp' for troubled children, who appear to be between the ages of 11 and 15.

A video (below) from March shows Nava, Gonzalez and others yelling in the faces of children, some of whom are crying. At one point on the video, a police officer challenges a child to a fight.

The Los Angeles Police Department's Internal Affairs division is investigating, following complaints that instructors have used bullying tactics in the camp, which has run every Saturday since February.

Officer Gonzalez told that the camp was based on the LAPD's Juvenile Impact Program, which uses military-style techniques: "We saw the program was good and effective, and so we started our own.The program is positive not only for our kids, but for the parents. It gives them a bond."

The program runs for 12 weeks and costs $200, twice the cost of the LAPD Juvenile Impact Program.

Watch footage of the 'boot camp' between 0.48 and 7.39.


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