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Video: L.A. TV Reporter Leanne Suter Shot by BB Live on Air

We've seen television news reporters get hassled live on the air before, but shot? Never, before this weekend, that is.

Leanne Suter, a reporter for KABC-TV in Los Angeles, was in the city of Fontana doing a  live report for the 6 p.m. news on Saturday night when she was shot in the hand by a BB gun pellet.

Suter was reporting on the weather when she threw to a sound bite -- it was during the bite that she was shot. When they came back to her, she was heard saying, "Look at the blood."

She was able to finish her report -- a bit rattled -- but given the circumstances, an excellent job.

Suter was taken a hospital, but she is all right. 

"We are grateful no one was seriously hurt and we are fully cooperating with police in their investigation," said Arnold J. Kleiner, president and general manager of KABC-TV, according to a report in the New York Daily News.

"Our crews and reporters are very conscious of good safety practices and take proper precautions when on assignment," he said. "They could not have anticipated that someone would decide to target them in this way."

Police say two teenagers were firing the BB gun in their backyard. The teens were arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. They were released to their parents, who must be very proud of their offspring.

Check out the video:


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