Video: Kids Viciously Bully Elderly NY School Bus Monitor Karen Huff Klein

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Karen Huff Klein, a bus monitor who has worked in Rochester’s Greece School District for 23 years, officially became America’s new sweetheart recently when video of her being taunted mercilessly by the worst children in human history hit the web.

In this video, Klein can be seen on the receiving end of the most vile, despicable insults that you’ll ever hear, all the while she just sits there and absorbs the abuse without really trying to defend herself.

Video of what transpired was uploaded to Youtube by a concerned party who wanted to shine some light on the awful situation. As of this moment, it has already racked up nearly 132,000 views.

In response to the troubling footage, Reddit users have come together to offer Klein their support. Per the Democrat & Chronicle (via New York Magazine), folks have apparently started a fundraiser for her on the website Indiegogo that they hope she'll use on a vacation. Despite the fact that it was literally just started, the fundraiser has already raked in over $37,000.

Turns out, there are some good people in the world after all.

Update: Per Daily Mail, more than 9,000 people have contributed a total of over $200,000.

(Kudos Huffington Post, New York Magazine)


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