Video: Karen Huff Klein Recalls Bullying By Kids, Blogger Raises Over $200K for Her

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Karen Huff Klein, the school bus monitor who was bullied by students to the point of tears, appeared on Fox & Friends on Thursday (video below) to recall the bullying, which has since gone viral on the web, as reported by Opposing Views.

Klein said she did not want to see the kids “go to jail,” but was hurt by their taunts, especially when one child said Klein had no family because they killed themselves to get away from her. Klein’s son actually did commit suicide.

Klein said: “They would mock out my hair, mock out anything you could think of. But they didn’t get vicious like they did on Monday."

“I don’t like confrontations like that. I didn’t want to do anything to hurt anybody. That wouldn’t have looked good either. I probably would have been fired actually if I’d have done anything violent. So I just restrained myself and tried to pretend that they weren’t doing this.”

Fox News host Steve Doocy concluded “They seem like monsters to me" and asked if anyone had offered her an apology. Klein said no.

A blogger has started an internet fund to buy Klein a vacation from the bullying children. The fund’s goal was to raise $5,000 for a vacation, but has raised over $200,000 so she could now retire.


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