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Video: Joseph Cardosa, 5, May be Suspended From School for Making Gun Out of Legos

Sheila Cruz says her 5-year-old son Joseph Cardosa was threatened with suspension after making a gun out of Legos during an after school program at Hyannis West Elementary School in Hyannis, Massachusetts (video below).

Cruz thought Joseph was just being a kid, but school administrators called his actions a threat, reports CBS Boston.

Cruz told CBS Boston: “I was given a book and they told me he’s going to be suspended if he does it again and to sign here. I just couldn’t believe it. He’s 5-years-old.

"I said: 'Listen, he’s a 5-year-old. I think maybe a redirection would be more appropriate.' I understand what’s going on with this whole thing in schools and everything else, but couldn’t they have given him a warning?

“[The principal] said, 'It’s a threat to other children and other children could have been scared.'"

Cruz said even though Joseph knows playing with guns is inappropriate, he is still just a 5-year-old boy. “He knows that but he was just being a kid, having fun, playing," she said.

School officials say Joe made the toy gun, then ran around the classroom pointing it at other kids and making shooting sounds (as millions of normal children have done before).

Cruz added: “It’s not the school we hate, it’s the actions the school took that we don’t like. They made it into something a lot bigger than it should have been.”

Barnstable School Superintendent Mary Czajkowski told CBS Boston, “We’re trying to create an atmosphere of respect."


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