Video: Jon Stewart Mocks Racism in GOP and U.S. Locations

'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart recently addressed the controversy swirling around the racist name on a gate on the family ranch of Texas Gov. Rick Perry. He also played a clip of Herman Cain stating exactly what the name was to Fox News' Chris Wallace, who was hesitant to say it. Stewart also wondered aloud why Perry had never been questioned over this issue while Governor of Texas. Yes

In another segment, 'Daily Show' correspondent Wyatt Cenac uncovered evidence of some offensive locations around the country such as N*gger Lake, New York, N*ggerhead Rapids, Idaho, N*ggerhead Point, Florida, N*ggerhead Creek, North Carolina, N*ggerhead Pond, Vermont and several others. 

Cenac said there were over 100 places that have used the 'n-word.' He concluded that there aren't enough black people making maps.


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