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Video: Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News for their Outrage over Gun Control Talk

'The Daily Show' host Jon Stewart slammed Fox News on Monday night for deciding when and who could talk about gun control (video below).

Earlier this month, NBC sportscaster Bob Costas read part of a gun culture article by Fox columnist Jason Whitlock, during his regular halftime segment, which caused an uproar at Fox News, reports

Stewart mockingly asked Fox News: “So halftime isn’t the right time. What about at a press conference? Like after the Aurora shootings when the mayor of New York called for an examination of gun laws?”

Stewart showed another clip of Fox News personalities outraged over gun control talk after the Aurora shootings.

Stewart added: “Clearly in that situation it is not where it is being discussed, it is when. I am assuming that the venue was good, it is just that the mayor did not obey the common sense waiting period we place on gun, ah, conversations. You don’t want somebody in an emotional state just shooting off their mouths about gun control.”


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