Video: John Turner Travels to New Jersey to Aid Hurricane Sandy Victims, Wins $100K Lottery Prize


John Turner recently traveled from Chicago to New Jersey to help clean up after Hurricane Sandy. 

While in New Jersey, he bought a lotto ticket and won $100,000, reports CBS New York (video below).

Turner runs a water removal business, National Catastrophe Solutions of Chicago. He and his staff cleaned up homes flooded by Hurricane Sandy, including some for free for homeowners who had lost everything.

Turner told CBS New York: "Some people didn’t have insurance coverage. Some people never would have expected this. It’s one of those 100 years deals."

Last Sunday, after a day of cleanup, Turner bought a New Jersey lottery scratch-off ticket and became $100,000 richer.

He recalled thinking: “Like this is not happening. Like this is not real.”

In a statement, New Jersey's lottery director said: “We are very grateful that John has given his time and skills to help the people dealing with the challenges brought on by Sandy and that New Jersey is giving a memorable thank you back to him.”

The jackpot, after taxes, comes to about $70,000, which Turner wants invest in his business, as well as give to his church and the poor.

Turner said he will be back in New Jersey next week to help in the recovery effort, but no word if he will be buying a lottery ticket.


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