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Video: John Mason Beaten in Broad Daylight by 8 Attackers

John Mason, a tattoo artist, is in a medically induced coma with serious head injuries after being beaten in broad daylight in Baltimore last Friday (video below).

A witness, who refused to be identified, told CBS Baltimore that there were at least eight men involved in the random attack: "Twice, he kept telling them he didn’t want to fight. He didn’t want to fight. They didn’t care. They didn’t know him at all. They was just looking for trouble."

The witness said the beating happened at a bus stop: “The guy was already knocked unconscious and the guy sat there and held his feet while his homeboy just started stomping on his head. When I came down and I called 911, he was on his back. I turned him on his side and when I did, he came about and the last I recall was, I saw him getting on the stretcher.”

Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police spokesperson, told CBS Baltimore: “At this point, it’s unclear what the motive was. We’re looking at a variety of possibilities. One of them is an obvious robbery. We’re also looking at the background of the victim, trying to see if there are any disputes that might have resulted in this."


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