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Video: Jerry Springer Talks Gun Control, Rips his TV Show

Trash TV talk show host Jerry Springer has often been accused of destroying Western civilization by critics, whom he now agrees with (video below).

Springer appeared on HuffPost Live on Friday and described his TV program 'The Jerry Springer Show' as “an hour of escapism” with “no redeeming social value.”

Springer said: “Look, my show is stupid. It’s stupid, but it’s fun to do. I enjoy it. People obviously like it, otherwise they wouldn’t watch it.”

Springer insisted that the bizarre guests on his shows are not staged or scripted, but are actual people involved in strange situations.

Springer also claimed that gun rights advocates such as the NRA probably believe that an assault weapons ban is reasonable, but worried it would lead to a slippery slope of gun control regulations.

Indeed, polls have shown that most NRA members do support background checks for all weapons and bans on assault weapons, however, the NRA's leadership contradicts its members.

Springer said: “What happens with any interest group is they are always worried about the chipping away of their rights. So even though under a truth serum, if they were alone in a room with God and God said, ‘You gotta tell me the truth,’ they would say, ‘Well, yeah, we probably don’t need assault weapons.’ They’re worried that if you permit legislation that takes that away, then the next step, someone will come along and say, ‘Lets take this away, lets take that away.’”


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