Video: Jensen Daniel Fights to Play on Girls' Volleyball Team

Jensen Daniel is fighting for the right to play volleyball for the Yonkers High School girl's team because the school does not have a boys' team (video below).

Daniel told WABC-TV: "I didn't ask for this. I just wanted to get better at volleyball, scholarships, get colleges to notice me. I'm a senior and I shouldn't be going through the things that I'm going through right now. I have college to worry about, I have SAT's to worry about, I have college essays, college resumes, all of that stuff to worry about."

The New York High School Athletic League won't allow Daniel to play because he performed far better than an average girl on some fitness tests. Yonkers High School, in Yonkers, New York, is appealing the ruling.

Tara Herrera, the volleyball team captain, told WABC-TV: "When Jensen serves the ball hard to you and you are able to get it up, that's a great feeling and it also prepares you for games with players just like that. When he hits hard, and you get it up, that feels amazing as well."

"Jensen brings a sort of new diverse energy to the team. He challenges us, he motivates us to be better, because, like I said, he is a strong player."


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