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Video: Jared Gurman Shoots Girlfriend Jessica Gelderman for not Believing in Zombies

Jared Gurman allegedly shot his girlfriend, Jessica Gelderman, with a .22-caliber rifle on Monday over an argument over the AMC television show 'The Walking Dead' (video below).

Gurman was angry at Gelderman because she would not take the possibility of a real zombie attack seriously, reports WPIX-TV.

Nassau County Police Detective Lt. Raymond Cote told a press conference: “He feels strongly about the possibility that some military mishap could occur causing some tragic consequence. She felt that it was ridiculous.”

Gelderman drove Gurman back to his home and then returned to her home in Long Island, New York.

Their zombie argument continued on text messages, so Gelderman drove back to Gurman’s home because he had become unstable.

Lt. Cote said: “She tried to diffuse the situation and calm him down. She was walking up the stairs to the apartment when Mr. Gurman raised the rifle, pointed it at her and fired one round into her back.”

Gelderman was in stable condition at a hospital on Tuesday, but the bullet remained in her body. Gurman reportedly confessed to police to the intentional shooting after first telling them that it was an accident.

Gurman was charged with attempted murder and at least three guns were seized from his home.


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