Video: Jalonta Freeman Buys Fake iPad for $200


Jalonta Freeman, of Arlington, Texas, thought she was getting a great deal when a stranger at a gas station offered her a new iPad for just $200, when it normally retails for $800 (video below).

While the words "gas station" and "stranger" might set off a few alarms to most people, Freeman thought it would make a great Christmas gift, reports NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.

Freeman told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth: "He pulled up beside us, and he was like, 'Hey, I've got some iPads and stuff, and I've got some laptops if you all are interested in buying.'"

Freeman gave him the cash and he quickly drove off.

However, when Freeman's sister opened the iPad package, it was actually a mirror about the same size as the Apple gadget.

Freeman lamented: "If you turn it on the back, it actually looks like an Apple iPad. And when you turn it to the front, it has the prices and stuff. That's so messed up. That's so wrong. I would never do anybody like that. Get a job."

"I just started cussing. I was upset. Anybody would be upset if you found out you just got scammed, you know what I'm saying? You just lost $200."

Freeman offered advice for other folks, using a rare triple negative: "Don't buy nothing on the streets from nobody."

Apparently this happens around the holidays in Arlington, Texas. Last year police warned citizens about people who were selling fake iPads and MacBooks out of their cars for several hundred dollars.


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