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Video: Jacob Cox-Brown Arrested After Writing "Drivin Drunk" on Facebook

Jacob Cox-Brown's recent Facebook post, which said he had driven drunk, ended up getting him reported to the police in Astoria, Oregon (video below).

Cox-Brown wrote on his Facebook page on New Year’s Day: "Drivin drunk… classsic ;) but to whoever’s vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P.”

His posting was eventually passed on to Officer Nicole Riley, reports ABC News.

Police said they found a vehicle at Cox-Brown’s house that matched the damage found at the scene of an accident and arrested him on two charges of “failing to perform the duties of a driver.”

However, Cox-Brown says the reason he hit the cars was because of icy conditions on the road.

Brown told KATU-TV: "The people who called me out, they’re obviously not my friends, you know? True friends, like I said, they know me. They know I’m a sarcastic [expletive]. They laughed about it. I’ve posted sh*t like that on there, and it’s never blown up like this.”


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