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Video: Ishikawa Oku Lab's Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot Wins Every Single Time

Have you ever played rock-paper-scissors with someone who never loses? Let me save you some time, the answer to that question is no.

Sure, it may have felt like that occasionally – but, assuming you were playing another human being, that someone had to have tasted defeat at least a few times. Between the laws of statistics and general human nature, it’s impossible for any sentient being have to a 100 percent winning rate at rock-paper-scissors.

Robots, however, don’t have that problem. Check out what the good folks at Ishikawa Oku Lab came up with in what we hope was their spare time:

Obviously the endgame here isn’t developing a rock-paper-scissors master. According to Ishikawa Oku Lab, “this technology can be applied to motion support of human beings and cooperation work between human beings and robots etc. without time delay.”

Makes sense. All of mankind’s greatness accomplishments began with a game of rock-paper-scissors.

(Kudos Gawker)


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