Video: "I’m Going Out Tonight and I Want to Get Raped" PSA

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At times, men have used the excuse that a woman was "dressing to get raped." In response, Rape Crisis Scotland created this 30-second PSA (video below) to test that logic.

In the video, a young woman is wearing a short skirt at a party, where a man says that she is "asking for it." Then the video flashes back to the same girl in a department store when she is buying the dress.

She asks the saleswoman to recommend a dress that could help her get raped.

The shocking public service announcement challenges prejudices that many people have towards women who have been raped.

According to Rape Crisis Scotland, this video was created in response to research that claims almost 20% of Scottish people think a woman is partially to blame for being raped if she is wearing revealing clothing.


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