Video of Horrifying Assault Goes Viral After Sharkeisha Kicks Victim (Video)


A girl named Sharkeisha became a viral hit overnight, after a now banned video of her emerged beating a girl named Shay to the ground.

The video was initially posted to Instagram and quickly went viral on Twitter.

The video begins with Sharkeisha approaching Shay, and a female voice off camera that said: “You know what you did, Shay.”

Sharkeisha proceeded to push Shay to the ground and kick her head. Friends quickly ran to pull Sharkeisha off of Shay as Sharkeisha began to scream about an issue involving a boy.

Twitter responded in a storm of Sharkeisha memes.

“Oakland Raiders have signed free agent kicker: Sharkeisha White.” JoshYanez86 tweeted. “She starts Thanksgiving against the Cowboys.”

A Twitter user by the name of Queen Sharkeisha has claimed the identity of the viral video star, and says she got more than 400 followers the night the video went viral.

The girl now has her own Urban Dictionary entry, which reads: “Verb. 1. To Punch The Soul From Another Being’s Body.”

The International Business Times has collected a number of unconfirmed facts about Sharkeisha including that she was arrested and released on $500 bond and that she is at the center of a suicide case.

Sources: The Blaze, Daily Mail


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