Video: Hiriko Fold, Electric Car that Folds Up


We've all heard of electric cars, hybrid cars and even cars that run on bacon grease, but the new Hiriko Fold may top them all. reports that the Hiriko Fold can actually fold and reduce its length to under five feet. This electric car also has four robot wheels, each with their own motor, that can turn 60 degrees.

Inside, the Hiriko Fold has aircraft-style control levers, instead of pedals and a steering wheel. To save space, people enter the car through the windshield, which opens. states:

Hiriko began its life 10 years ago as a research project at MIT Media Lab. Two years ago MIT and the Spanish government collaborated to launch a commercial venture in the Basque region of Spain. Twenty cars are already on the road as test vehicles. Hiriko Fold will go on sale in 2013 for about $16,000. The car will initially be sold to municipal governments. Launch customers include San Francisco, Barcelona, and Berlin.

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