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Video: High School Student Preston Deener Bullied Moments Before Interview About Bullying

Moments before a news crew was set to interview a high school student about bullying, the teen was attacked by bullies. 

According to the Daily Mail, Preston Deener, 15, was preparing for his interview with You4State outside of his school in Brunswick, Maryland when three students walked over to him. The students started pestering him then chasing him. 

"The student came up to me and pushed me out of the way and said, 'What are you recording?'" Preston said. "All of sudden, the student was chasing me and I needed help."

Reporter Katie Kyros was shocked by the persistence of the bullies, as they seemed to be "unfazed by the audience." The bullies not only chased Deener, but hit him on the head. 

"One of the boys lunged towards Preston and started hitting him in the head so quickly," Kyros said. "I was shocked. They didn't even care I was standing there and yelling at them."

Footage of the attack shows Deener running away from the large bullies. 

Deener later revealed that he had ran from the bullies instead of fighting back because he was suspended for three days once for hitting a bully back after they tackled him. 

He has decided the best way to deal with the bullies is to go directly to the administrators. 

Unfortunately, Deener has become an expert at dealing with bullies as he has been a victim of it since he was in the sixth grade. 

His mother, Cheryl Deener, explained that they had to transfer her son from another school last year because of the intense bullying he experienced. She said bullies often tease him about his clothing and make anti-gay remarks. 

Deener has also been subjected to bullying on Twitter. He says he does not understand why they have targeted him. 

"I don't know," he said. "People just always pick on me. It's not fun."

Cheryl hopes that this recent incident will prompt the school to take bullying more seriously. 

"I'm hoping now that they take this more seriously than what they have," she said. "Preston is very strong but I think he's a little bit shaken up with what happened today."

After experiencing bullying for years, Deener has decided to put on an anti-bullying homecoming party with his mother on Friday to share his stories. 

"You've got to have one heart and stand up for someone who's getting bullied and it needs to stop," he said.

As for the bullies in the most recent incident, the high school stated they know who they were and are investigating it.

"A full investigation is step number one, to find out what's going on and what happened," Michael Doerrer from Frederick County Public Schools said. 


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