Video: Heat Causes Freeway to Buckle, Car Goes Flying

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Over the weekend, on Highway 29 near Eau Claire, Wisconsin, extreme heat made the road buckle, causing a car to fly through the air in a scene that looked like a Hollywood movie stunt (video below).

The accident was captured captured on video by Theresa Reich as she was trying to film the buckled road.

Reich told WQOW-TV: “From the overpass we could see the big divots, but we’d stopped to take a picture of it because we’d seen a bunch of cars going over slowly, and scraping the underside of their cars.”

“By the time I had exited picture mode… people were already walking out and dialing [911]. We were pretty amazed that none of the oncoming traffic hit them too. Everyone seemed like they made it out ok… they were walking out of their car.”


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