Video: Hackers use XBox 360 to Send SWAT Team to Family's House

Hackers recently accessed an unidentified boy's Xbox 360 and obtained an old address from his account.

The hackers then sent a SWAT team to that address, which turned out to be the residence of a different family in Oviedo, Florida.

Police were told by the hackers that one person had been killed and the rest of the family was being held hostage, reports WFTV-TV (video below).

An unidentified man at the address told WFTV-TV that the SWAT team "had rifles, they had guns, so we ran down the hallway and got our two boys up."

Meanwhile, the owner of the Xbox contacted police to tell them that his game had been hacked.

The owner of the Xbox said the hackers were angry at his son for not sharing downloadable content for a multi-player video game. So in retaliation, the hackers sent the SWAT team to what they thought was the boy's current address.

Police say they now have gamer tags and IP addresses of the hackers responsible for the hoax and an investigation is ongoing.


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