Video: Gun Rights Supporter Thrown Out of NJ Hearing After Criticizing Gun Control


Gun rights supporter James Kaleda was thrown out of a New Jersey hearing by Committee Chair Senator Donald Norcross (D).

Kaleda came to the meeting with guns blazing, so to speak. He said, “There is no assurance or promise you can give us or make that can counter that reality, that you are doing nothing today but disarming citizens.” He also argued that New Jersey legislators broke the promise written into the New Jersey firearms ID law that “No New Jersey resident would ever be denied an answer on their firearms ID card more than 30 days.”

Things took a turn for the worse when Kaleda and Senator Norcross came to verbal blows over the speech. According to Norcross, it wasn’t what Kaleda had to say that was the problem but how he was saying it.

Norcross interrupted Kaleda, “You will not holler at us. Do you understand?”

Kaleda countered with, “Yes, I will.”

At that point Norcross stated that Kaleda was out of order and asked Kaleda to leave. Kaleda refused as the crowd of gun supporters behind him booed Norcross. A New Jersey state trooper finally stepped in and forced Kaleda to leave. Several members of the audience applauded Kaleda’s stand.

This video is sure to provoke controversy. On the one hand, Kaleda was fairly composed throughout his speech and he did not raise his voice to the point of “hollering.” On the other hand, Kaleda’s anger was clearly evident on his face and his words had somewhat aggressive, insulting connotations. To complicate matters, gun rights advocates can easily make the case that Senator Norcross threw out Kaleda because the gun owner was speaking up against the government.

What’s your take on the video? Was Norcross justified in ejecting Kaleda? Was Kaleda being reasonable or was his emotionally charged speech out of order? Do you think Norcross had an ulterior motive for getting rid of Kaleda?

Source: Youtube


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