Video: Grandma Sandra Layne Shoots, Kills Grandson Jonathan Hoffman


In Detroit, 74-year-old Sandra Layne is on trial for the murder [and weapons charges] of her grandson, 17-year-old Jonathan Hoffman.

911 tapes were played recently in court, with Hoffman telling a 911 operator that his grandmother had shot him: "I've just been shot. My grandma shot me. I'm going to die. Help!"

Moments later, he says: "I got shot, shot again. Please help. Help."

Layne claims the shooting, which happened on May 18 in her condo, was in self-defense. However, her story was different when police arrived.

Officer Derrick Kassab said that the 74 year old walked outside and "screamed to me, 'I murdered my grandson.'"

Officer David Curry testified that Layne "had blood on her hands, had some blood on her clothing" and on a Glock 9mm semiautomatic handgun found inside the condo.

Hoffman was shot three times in the chest, once in the abdomen and once in his left arm. He had traces of synthetic marijuana in his urine.

Layne was worried that her grandson, who used drugs, was going to kill her.

After the hearing, defense attorney Jerome Sabbota said: "If you listen closely to the 911 tape, he's grabbing onto her and he's holding her. He's not letting her go."

Earlier this year, officers were called to the home over a fight between Layne and Hoffman, who was yelling.

Four days earlier, Hoffman was ticketed for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.


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