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Video: Gorilla Scares Children who Taunt Him at Zoo

An angry gorilla who was being taunted by a group of children at a zoo got his payback after he suddenly put his hands up to the glass and scared them.

The incident happened at Dallas Zoo's western lowland gorilla exhibit. He was trying to enjoy a peaceful day in the sun, but the children were yelling at him, saying "You ugly."

At first, he seems to glare at the children. But they are relentless with their taunting, continuing to scream and yell at him.

Looking annoyed, the gorilla lost its cool when a kid sticks his finger toward the ape's face. He then pressed his hands suddenly against the glass as if he were saying "boo."

He then walks away and looks back toward the glass to see their reactions.

The children screamed, while the adults behind them laughed.

Sources: Daily Mail


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