Video: GOP Congressman Darrell Issa: Cut Federal Money for Teachers


Appearing on MSNBC's  'Morning Joe,' Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) suggested that saving teachers’ jobs should be left to states and not funded with federal money.

When asked about President Obama’s jobs plan, Issa went on the attack against borrowing federal money for teachers. He advocated leaving their salaries to cash-strapped states instead.

“There are tougher issues,” he said. “Whether or not the federal government borrows money from overseas sources to keep teachers in XYZ state on the payroll seems to be ‘Stimulus II.’ It seems to be something that the state’s have to decide what the right number of teachers are, and fund that, and not have us borrow money from overseas.”

Issa added: “It’s time for us to say states have to step up to the plate. That’s a good example where I don’t think that belongs in this stimulus bill. I don’t think we should maintain government workers with borrowed money.”


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