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Video: Giant Iceberg Crashes into Sea

By Chris Gayomali|

Two young filmmakers camped out in the freezing cold for weeks to capture this thunderous, rare shot of a massive 4.6-cubic-mile glacier in Greenland crumbling apart. This brief clip of the largest glacier calving ever caught on camera is just a small segment in the recently debuted documentary Chasing Ice, which is dedicated to chronicling the perhaps-irreversible impact of climate change on glaciers (and sea levels) around the world.

Filmmaker James Balog says watching the roaring landscape shift is like watching "Manhattan breaking apart in front of your eyes." Seeing is believing, says Will Oremus at Slate. Here, "[Balog's] team succeeded in capturing the awesome effects of climate change in a way that papers published in Science just can't." Terrifying? You bet. (Video via The Guardian)


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