Video: George Zimmerman‘s Dad Says Trayvon Martin Threatened His Son


George Zimmerman‘s father, Robert, appeared (in silhouette) on Fox News 'Hannity' and claimed that his son did not follow Trayvon Martin and only shot the unarmed teen when he found his life in imminent danger (video below).

Robert Zimmerman said: "(George) had been texting his sister and said he was going to the grocery store. He saw somebody that did not live in the community wandering behind some town homes. Trayvon came from that area where the sidewalks meet, asked my son whether he had a problem… he said no, and Martin said, ‘well, you do now.’”

Robert Zimmerman also claimed that the screams on the 911 tape were his son: “George was there yelling for help for at least 40 seconds… there is absolutely no doubt it’s him on the tape. Neighbor said he was calling 911 and that’s what he went inside and did. Me, my family, friends, everyone knows that’s absolutely George.”


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