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Video Gamers Plan 'Day Of Cease Fire For Online Shooters' in Honor of Connecticut Shooting Victims

Antwand Pearman, the CEO and founder of GamerFitNation, is asking all gamers to put down their virtual guns on the 'Day Of Cease Fire For Online Shooters' on December 21 in honor of the victims of the real-life mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, reports ABC News.

Many politicians and pundits have suggested that playing violent video games can lead to violence in real life.

Pearman told ABC News: "I wanted to make a statement. I wanted gamers to come together to say we don’t accept this. This doesn’t say we blame video games. We just believe this is for us to do to show respect to the victims."

"It’s a small sacrifice for a day. You can’t blame a video game for something like that, the real reason is mental health and gun control. He shouldn’t have been able to get the type of assault weapons he had.”

The event’s Facebook page currently has over 2000 people attending on Friday.


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