Video Of Friends Opening Mysterious Sealed Refrigerator Goes Viral (Video)


A video (shown below) of a group of friends opening a mysterious refrigerator — with the doors screwed shut — has gone viral amid a less than climactic conclusion. 

The fridge first appeared in a Reddit thread titled, “So this appeared at the end of my alleyway,” that linked to a photo of a dented refrigerator spray painted with the words “DO NOT OPEN” and “SOLID WASTE.”  

The photograph prompted speculation about what might be inside and who should be called to haul the refrigerator away.

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“There's gotta be a body in there man,” Reddit user, BBQpigsfeet, wrote in part. “Go smell it.”

On Sept. 28, a YouTube account with the name Paul Fischer, posted a video titled, “We opened ‘DO NOT OPEN’ fridge in the alleyway…”

The video prompted a second Reddit thread with the same title as the video.  

“Our buddy bought a property that was previously owned by a hoarder, this fridge was found inside, it was marked ‘do not open,’” the description of the video reads. “This place was knee high in garbage and piss bottles, and hadn't had electricity in 7 years. It was screwed shut, strapped, and thrown off the second story of the house (this explains the dent), and it was put in the alley for solid waste to pick up. Someone posted a pic of it to Reddit, and it became our responsibly to open it.”

The video opens to three men standing around the fridge cracking jokes. One begins pulling the screws out of the doors. They open both the refrigerator and the freezer and find little more than compartments full of rotted food. 

“There you go Internet, no bodies,” one of them says as the video closes. 

Most Reddit users responded with jokes and acknowledgement of the less than thrilling conclusion. 

“Reddit just has bad luck with safes and fridges, apparently,” user MrDansky wrote.  “But eh, good on OP for delivery.”

Note: The video contains language some might find offensive. 

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Photo credit: Screen shot from YouTube


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