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Video: French Manufacturer Plans to Release Car that Runs on Air

One French manufacturer is taking hybrid cars to a whole other level with its proposed car, which is powered by air and gas. 

Peugeot Citroen plans to put the air-powered car on the road by 2016. 

It will be a hybrid car, running on air and gas, but the car will be able to get to at least 43 mph using only air power. This means drivers could cut gas spending by 80 percent. 

They hope to have a car that can get 117 mpg by 2020. 

The concept seems odd, but Peugeot Citroen assures us that they know what they're doing. They say the car would use a normal combustion engine along with compressed air cylinders and a customized gear box. The car wouldn't require the expensive batteries seen in most electric cars. 

By foregoing the expensive battery, Peugeot believes their car could be sold for at least $1000 less than most electric vehicles. 

Peugeot also says the car would look like any other car. "We're not talking about weird and wacky machines," a spokesman said. "These are going to be in everyday cars."

Their Hybrid Air Engine could also be installed in any "normal family car."

They unveiled the prototype earlier this week and plan to have the car on the road in three years. 



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