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Video: Fox News' Jeanine Pirro Goes on Rant About Tsarnaev Family

While America is undoubtedly angry with the Tsarnaev family, Justice with the Judge Jeanine Pirro may be the angriest, as she went on a long-winded rant criticizing the mother of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

In her "opening statement," Pirro discussed recent comments made by Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, mother of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

"We don't want you here. We should not be required to breathe the same air as you. We should not be required to suffer the indignity of your presence," she said. 

She said the family was "granted political asylum in 2002. We opened our arms to them. Showered them with food, money, housing, education and all the freedoms of American citizens. And look at how we were repaid."

"America took your sons from you? They injured more than 200," she said in response to Zubeidat's comment that America took her children from her. "Blinded, deafened, and blew legs and arms off of innocent civilians. Turning the city of Boston into a locked-down war zone of casualties, amputees, and a future of post-traumatic stress. And America should protect you? Your sons killed Americans. We're the ones who needed protection."

She then wondered if the family had lied on its refugee petition, committing perjury. 

Pirro criticized Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's initial reluctance to reveal information about welfare payments the familiar received. 

"Governor, you take our money and give it to this guy, and you want to protect his privacy? You want to protect his rights? He's dead. He's a terrorist. He has no rights. But it's okay to invade my privacy and publish my name and where I live on an interactive map, because I am a lawful gun owner."

Watch the passionate rant here:

Sources: Inquisitr,Regator


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