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Video: Fox News 'The Five' Broadcasts Phone Number of Founder Nick Denton

In what may be a television news first by a major news organization, Fox News took retaliation against a private citizen today (video below), reports

Fox News' 'The Five' aired the phone number and email address of founder Nick Denton in retaliation for publishing the names of every registered handgun owner in New York City (from 2010).

The Gawker post, originally titled 'Here Is a List of All the A**holes Who Own Guns in New York City,' was posted by editor John Cook, who got the information via the Freedom of Information Act in 2010.

'The Five' co-host Eric Bolling said: “Gawker called people crazy a-holes who own guns legally in New York City. We thought we’d point out who runs Gawker, the founder of Gawker, Nick Denton. Greg, you may know him as well.”

Bolling added: “There he is. Nick Denton. Here is his phone number. You can reach Nick at if you’re really ticked off. You know what, Nick. I’m going to call you later on today.”


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