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Video: 4 Canadian Women Say U.S. Border Officers Molested Them

Everyday over 163, 000 people cross from Canada into the U.S. without incident, but according to CBC News (video below), four Canadian women are accusing U.S. female border guards of "sexual molestation" that allegedly occurred at the Ambassador Bridge and the Windsor-Detroit tunnel, earlier this year.

The attorney handling all the cases, Tom Wienner, told CBC News: "These were not pat-downs or limited personal searches, these were clearly in the nature of sexual molestation."

Leslie Ingratta of Windsor, Ontario (pictured, left) told CBC News she was driving into Detroit, when she was stopped and probed by U.S. border guards in a private room: "They went under my bra, fondled my breasts and then began to go down. At one point, I was crying."

"I had people turning around and looking and, you know, making faces like 'Oh my God, what did she do?' So very degrading and humiliating, it was a horrible experience."

Another woman, Loretta Van Beek, told CBC News that U.S. border guards, at the Ambassador Bridge, ordered her to remove her shirt: "She was squeezing my nipples, etc., for a very long time, unnecessary attention. It was sexual — using her fingertips, not back of hand like you would expect."

Van Beek also claims that the border guard shoved her hand inside her vagina: "It was deviant behavior by the officer, no other explanation."

The other two women claim that border guards probed ther genitials as well.

Wienner said the Fourth Amendment protects U.S. citizens and non-citizens from this behavior: "These were not searches, these were essentially assaults … unnecessary, completely inappropriate and outrageous searches these women say they were subjected to at the border."


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