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Video: Former WWE Wrestler Shawn Daivari Chokes Man who Threatened Train Passengers

Shawn Daivari, a former wrestler who played 'Sheik Abdul Bashir' in the WWE and TNA, used a choke hold to subdue an unruly passenger on a train in September (video below).

Daivari was riding a train to the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport when an unidentified passenger threatened to kill everyone, reports the Daily Mail.

Passengers pressed the train's emergency button but nothing happened, so Daivari sprang into action and choked the man so hard that he lost control of his bladder. Transit police are investigating the incident.

Daivari, an Iranian-American who grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, built a reputation as an Anti-American wrestler which played on anti-Arab prejudice after the 9/11 attacks.


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