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Video: Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey Opposes Banning Guns, Because Cars Kill People

Former House Majority Leader and D.C. lobbyist Dick Armey, on Thursday, said that guns should not be regulated after the massacre that killed 12 and wounded 58 in Colorado because the suspect could have “taken a car and driven it into a school bus."

Armey told CNN host Soledad O’Brien: “If in fact he had not been capable of acquiring the guns, he might just as well taken a car and driven it into a school bus. You can’t focus on the object by which a destruction was committed, be it a hammer, a gun, a truck, a car. Focus on the aberrance in the individuals that do this.”

He added: “More people are killed in automobiles every year than they are guns. I don’t hear anybody talking about banning automobiles.”

O’Brien responded: “But they say you have to wear a seat belt, right?”

Armey then said:  “Whatever."

A member of CNN’s panel then said, off camera: “Got to have a driver’s license,”


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