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Video: Ex-CNN Anchor TJ Holmes Says Cops Stopped Him for 'Driving While Black'

Former CNN anchor T.J. Holmes appeared on MSNBC’s The Ed Show tonight to discuss his “driving while black” traffic stop in Atlanta, Georgia (video below).

Holmes explained that he was one-and-a-half miles from his home when he was stopped by police.

Holmes said: “The officer had been following me for at least a mile, maybe even a couple, and he was following closely. I knew something was up. I anticipated his lights coming on. Sure enough, they did.”

“I pulled over and do what I always do, which some people find crazy, stick my arms out the window and cross my hands like this so that the officer sees my hands. That’s just something literally my mother has taught me to do. Because you’re a black man, you don’t want them to think you have a gun."

Holmes claimed the officer said he stopped the former CNN host because “I want to make sure you have insurance on the car.”

Holmes, who now hosts 'Don’t Sleep' for BET, live-tweeted the entire traffic stop, because “I was frustrated at the time. I have wondered if maybe I made a mistake, if I did something wrong by enflaming people’s emotions, by using the phrase ‘driving while black.'"

He also posted a picture on Instagram of the police car behind him with the caption "Driving while black ain't no joke!"


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