Video: Food Industry Attacks Humane Society During Oscars


During last night’s Oscar broadcast, the food industry aired an attack ad claiming that only a small percentage of the Humane Society of the United States’ donations go to fund animal shelters (video below).

The anti-Humane Society ad was paid for by the Center for Consumer Freedom, a corporate front group run by PR guru Rick Berman, which is closely tied to the food industry.

While much of the Humane Society’s money does go to programs other than animal shelters for stray cats and dogs, as the ad claims, the Humane Society also spends money fighting animal cruelty in the courts and in legislatures.

The Humane Society defends laws prohibiting horse slaughter, tries to protect dolphins from aggressive tuna fishing techniques and supports regulations for the treatment of downed cattle and many anti-cruelty bills.

Enter the food industry, trying to protect their financial interests under the guise of "consumer protection."


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