Dramatic Video: Fleeing Suspect Tackled, Detained By Sacramento Police

CBS Sacramento photojournalist James Taylor captured raw footage of a police chase on Monday.

Taylor was in the right place at the right time to catch fleeing suspect Michael Kennedy on camera as he was tackled and detained by Sacramento police. Neighbors report that police were searching through all houses and yards in the Sacramento neighborhood in pursuit of Kennedy.

Eyewitness Louis Buchetto was on hand during the incident and was the first person to help the arresting officer detain Kennedy.

“I am not letting go, and I’m doing everything I can to keep that guy subdued, holding his arm, holding his neck,” Buchetto said. “People doing the right thing matters to me. Bottom line is that police officer puts his butt on the line every day, and I’m going to help.”

Kennedy was arrested for fleeing from police, burglary, felony assault on a police officer, and outstanding warrants. The warrants were for charges of vehicular theft.

Here’s footage of the pursuit and detainment:

Source: CBS Sacramento


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