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Video: Firefighter Uses his Oxygen Mask to Save Two Dogs

The documentary 'Burn' recently filmed a firefighter removing his own oxygen mask to save a man's dogs (video below).

The incident took place in Detroit, where the man's home was on fire.

While firefighters battled the blaze, the homeowner yelled "Did you get my dogs out?"

The firefighters rescued his two dogs from the fire, and, moments later, a firefighter took off his oxygen mask and used it on the dogs, saving their lives.

'Burn' is about the cash-strapped city of Detroit, seen through the eyes of Detroit firefighters, who wore helmets fitted with HD cameras.

The movie's directors Brenna Sanchez and Tom Putnam were inspired by Detroit firefighters risking their lives to put out fires in the impoverished city.

The NY Daily News reports that 'Burn' won an award at the Tribeca Film Festival, but the producers are still fundraising to distribute the film. To contribute funds, please go to


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