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Video: Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki Says 'War on Drugs' Fueled by Private Prison Industry

On Tuesday night's 'Daily Show,' filmmaker Eugene Jarecki explained how the so-called 'war on drugs' was fueled by private prisons, which are owned by corporations (video below).

Jarecki’s new documentary, 'The House I Live In,'  shows how America’s war on drugs results in mass imprisonment, financial gain for prison owners and big money for police officers who clock mountains of overtime with drug arrests, reports

Jarecki told host Jon Stewart: “We are seeing places where the extraordinary power of corporations in this country, and the unholy alliance they have with those in Congress, is destroying everything… There are private prisons all over this country that rely for their own survival on the incarceration of our fellow human beings.”

“I went to prison-industrial trade shows where I saw people who literally make their entire life’s work out of selling you the better stun gun."

Jarecki added: “This has been such a disaster. Forty-years, a trillion dollars spent, 45 million arrests, and yet drugs are cheaper, purer, more available today than ever before.”


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