Video: FBI Investigating Houston Police for Killing Wheelchair-Bound Double Amputee Brian Claunch

The FBI has launched an investigation into the Houston, Texas, police shooting of Brian Claunch, a wheelchair-bound double amputee armed with a pen, reports the Associated Press.

The police had been called to the Healing Hands Assisted Home Care on a domestic disturbance call after Claunch flew into a rage over being denied cigarettes and soda.

Claunch had only one arm and one leg, having lost the others in a train accident. In the shooting, Officer Matthew Marin shot Claunch in the head, killing him instantly.

Houston Police Department spokesperson Jodi Silva said that Claunch threatened the cops, waved a shiny object in his hand, backed one of the officers into a corner and tried to stab him with the pen.

Silva said: “Officer Marin, fearing for his partner’s life, and his own safety, discharged his duty weapon one time, striking the suspect. The object was discovered to be a shiny, ball point pen.”


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