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Video Exposing Unsanitary Conditions Of New Hampshire Chinese Restaurant Goes Viral (Video)


A Chinese restaurant in New Hampshire is facing backlash after a video surfaced online exposing its unsanitary conditions.

The eight-minute video (below) was shot by Will Panzino, an employee with Lewiston, Maine, cleaning company Start To Finish. Panzino and his co-workers were hired to come to Asian Garden in Littleton, New Hampshire, to spray-wash the hoods over the kitchen’s ovens. They'd reportedly also been to the restaurant three months earlier for a similar job.

In the video, Panzino showed the kitchen full of unwashed cooking surfaces, floors and dishes, as well as the seemingly unhygienic condition of the food while in storage. 

“They’ve got meat with your vegetables and they set the pan on top of the meat. They serve you this,” Panzino said in the video. “Cross-contamination right there. That’s against the law.”

Despite the revealing video, Asian Garden owner Johnny Hoang said a state health inspector visited recently and only found minor issues.

“It’s not serious, like the (video) makes it seem,” Hoang said. “We did some minor cleaning yesterday and today and everything is good to go.”

Panzino said he didn’t expect the video to go viral, but he’s glad that he could help expose the unsanitary conditions before customers suffered any further.

“I put it on YouTube because one of my friends wanted to see it,” he said. “I didn’t expect it to go viral but I guess it’s good because people need to see that.”

Panzino was reportedly fired from Start to Finish on July 2 after the video went viral.

Sources: Caledonian Record, World Star Hip Hop

Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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